Diseases & clinical studies

Our plan & strategy

Neuro-SysMed organizes and conducts randomized clinical treatment trials to evaluate efficacy and safety of novel therapies or established therapies with new indications that may delay or even arrest disease progression, ameliorate symptoms or optimize care for affected individuals.

While each study has its own scientific questions and efficacy endpoints, all projects running under the centre contribute data, such as clinical scorings, DNA, blood and cerebrospinal fluid analyses, and brain images, to a common Neuro-SysMed database. Using this database, we integrate the vast amount of information collected at the Centre, in order to define biomarkers that enable early and precise diagnosis, subgrouping of patients within each disease, accurate prognosis and tailored treatment choices for individual patients (i.e. personalized medicine). Thus, Neuro-SysMed aims to development early and improved treatment strategies for patients with serious diseases of the central nervous system.

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