Recruiting trials

These Neuro-SysMed investigator-initiated trials are currently recruiting patients. Please use the contact details for more information.

Parkinson’s disease (PD)


A placebo-controlled trial to study whether treatment with nicotinamide riboside (NR) protects the neural cells and delays disease progression in Parkinson’s disease. NR increases the levels of NAD, which is favorable for the energy translation and survival in human cells. If the results are positive, the study will enable new treatment that can delay Parkinson’s disease. Contact: Head Research Nurse Erika V. Sheard: +47 992 04 028, 


N-DOSE is a double-blinded placebo randomised controlled study. Its goal is to find the optimal biological dose of Nicotinamide riboside in people with Parkinson’s Disease. For more information on the trial, contact: Head Research Nurse Erika V. Sheard: +47 992 04 028, 


STRAT-PARK is a cohort study with the purpose of understanding the causes of Parkinson’s disease and group patients with Parkinson’s disease according to cause, so that custom treatment can be given. We need to recruit 1500 patients with Parkinson’s disease and 500 healthy people as controls. Participants will receieve regular follow-up with medical and genetic examinations. STRAT-PARK will open the way for personalized treatement for Parkinson’s disease. Contact: Head Research Nurse Erika V. Sheard: +47 992 04 028, 

Multiple sclerosis (MS)


RAM-MS has as its purpose to study whether there is a difference in treatment effect, safety and cost between autolog stem cell transplants (bone marrow transplants) and the most effective approved MS medication (alemtuzumab and kladribin). Contact for the study: Prof. Dr. Øivind Grytten Torkildsen (


The purpose of SMART-MS is to understand whether treatment with mesenchymal stem cells is safe and can contribute to repair of damages on myeline and nerves in progressive multiple sclerosis. Mesenchymal stem cells exist in all people, primarily in the bone marrow. Research has shown that these cells can function as “repair cells” in the body and may also be able to contribute to repairing damage that occurs in MS. Contact for the study: Dr. Christopher Kvistad (

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)


NO-ALS is a placebo controlled trial that examines whether nicotinamide riboside (NR) combined with pterostilbene delays disease progression in ALS. Participants get active medication or placebo for one year. The trial recruits patients across Norway and plans to complete in 2023. If the effect is weak, 180 patients will be needed to conclude. If it is strong, 90 patients will be enough. An open extension of the study has now been approved, and all participants will be offered to continue on active medication. With this extension, all patients will be offered one year of treatment after one year in the NO-ALS trial. We hope this will motivate patients to participate in the trial. It is an approach for quickly discovering whether the treatment is effective. Contact for the study: Prof. Dr. Ole-Bjørn Tysnes (


Patients with ALS have highly variable clinical phenotypes. Overall, it has not been possible to distingusish familial and sporadic ALS based on clinical phenotypes. STRAT-ALS is a longitudinal cohort study with the purpose to stratify ALS patients according to underlying biological mechanisms, so that tailored treatments can be developed and applied. Contact for the study: Dr. Tale Bjerknes (



N-DOSE AD is a double-blinded placebo controlled randomized trial aiming to determine the optimal biological dose (OBD) of nicotinamid riboside (NR), in individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease. Contact for more information or to participate: Research Nurse Kristina Skeie (; +47 991 24 510).


STRAT-COG is a cohort trial that attempts to understand dementia disease and group people that suffer from dementia based on root cause, such that tailored treatment is possible. We aim to recruit several hundred dementia patients and healthy controls. Participants will be followed up with medical and molecular examinations. STRAT-COG will open the way for better diagnostics and treatment for patients with dementia. Contact for more information or to participate: Research Nurse Kristina Skeie (; +47 482 68 344).

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