Initial presentation of ALS varies between affected individuals, and typically presents as spinal-onset disease (muscle weakness of the limbs), or bulbaronset disease (difficulty with speech and swallowing). Sporadic ALS (sALS) accounts for 90% of cases and has no clear etiology, while familial ALS (fALS) accounts for 10% of cases and contains an underlying genetic component. However, while these two forms differ in causation, they appear pathologically and clinically indistinguishable. There is no known cure for ALS. There are two approved medications to treat ALS, riluzole (a glutamate blocker) and edaravone (a free radical scavenger), but with limited efficacy. Riluzole, approved in 1995, is administered orally twice daily and delays time to tracheostomy or death in patients with ALS (Riluzole package insert 2016), prolonging survival by 2-3 months (Miller et al. 2012). Edaravone, approved in the US in 2017, is administered in courses intravenously and shows efficacy in only a small subset of patients with ALS.

Recent research by the group and others indicates that boosting the activity of the histone deacetylate enzymes known as sirtuins, via a combination of nicotinamide riboside (NR) and pterostilbene, has neuroprotective effects in ALS and may delay clinical disease progression.

Based on these preliminary findings, the group hypothesized that oral administration of combination therapy with NR and pterostilbene will inhibit neurodegeneration and increase survival and quality of life in patients with ALS. To test this hypothesis, they are now running a phase-II, multi-centre, double-blinded randomized clinical trial of oral NR and pterostilbene in early ALS (NO-ALS study). Based on their power estimates, a total of 180 patients will be recruited from all over Norway. The study was started in October 2020. By end of February 2021, 20 patients are included in the study. All study centres will be recruiting by end of March 2021.

This novel project has the potential to discover a therapy, modulating disease activity and progression in ALS, thus vastly improving patient care and prognosis. The study has received support from Helse Vest and KLINBEFORSK.

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