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Welcome to Neuro-SysMed’s monthly seminars! This time, speaker will be Caroline Engen on the topic “Restructuring Neurology: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)”. Join us in the auditorium in Armauer Hansens Hus at 11:30–13:00 (lunch 11:30–12:00).

Title: Restructuring Neurology: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

SpeakerCaroline Engen, postdoctoral fellow in the Neuro-SysMed research group Philosophy of Neurodegeneration, led by Jan Reinert Karlsen at SVT.

Place: The auditorium in Armauer Hansens Hus (campus Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen)

Time: Wednesday March 13, 2024, at 11:30–13:00 (lunch 11:30–12:00).

Registration: please use this link.

Abstract: While the work at Neuro-SysMed is mainly dedicated to improving the lives of people living with and dying from severe neurological conditions, Neuro-SysMed’s ambition extends to redefining Norwegian Clinical Neurology through a systems medicine approach. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and medical practice, the overall objective is to leverage data from clinical trials for the identification of precise markers aiding early disease detection, delineation of more accurate disease categories, enhanced predictive abilities, and refined interventions. As such, Neuro-SysMed is about advancing neurological practices in specific ways and through specific approaches, reflecting and co-producing broader developments and discourses related to how medicine could and should be practiced in the future. This ambition, of restructuring neurology, raise a range of questions related not only to severe neurological conditions but also in relation to philosophical and ethical dimensions of healthcare and society at large.

Incorporating Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and patient and public involvement (PPI) as key components, Neuro-SysMed emphasizes a commitment to weaving these critical considerations into its core activities. In the upcoming talk titled “Restructuring Neurology: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)”, Caroline Engen, a postdoctoral researcher at Neuro-SysMed, will elucidate the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). She will trace RRI’s roots back to some of its philosophical underpinnings and its empirical foundations in the history and sociology of science. Additionally, Engen will discuss RRI’s evolution into a governance tool within European and Norwegian research policy frameworks (e.g. Horizon 2020, The Norwegian Research Council). The talk will particularly highlight the significance of RRI for medical research broadly, with a focused examination of its relevance within the specific context of Neuro-SysMed.

Langage: English

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